Write your mobile phone number here BOY:Do you have a PEN? Girl: Yeah BOY: Oh.. Its Out Of Ink ! Girl: What? You Are Kidding, It Works! Boy: It Doesn’t Work! Well, You Try Go, Write Your Mobile Phone Number Here… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was my fault Last night was my fault, my wife asked, “what’s on… (0 comment)

Friendship is all about 3 things Friendship is all about 3 things Winning Losing and Sharing Winning your friends heart Losing your ego and Sharing joys and sorrows. ********************************* Our friendship is like a kite Our friendship is like a kite U r the colour paper of kite people see & appriciate u. I’m the… (0 comment)

Patient fool sms Last night I Got a severe Head pain… I went to the Doctor … He said that It would be cured If I send a SMS TO some lunatic person… ” Tell me,Whom do I know other than you.?” %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%   I stare at my phone till I fall asleep Every night… (0 comment)

I always think about you I always think about U. I cant live without U. I really need U. I am totally mad about U. I just wanna be with U. I am crazy 4 U. I wanna marry U. I LOVE U. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ A mobile like women A mobile is like women – Talks… (0 comment)

Tow Weeks Of Valentine 2 Weeks Of Valentine Do You Know That Beside Valentine Day, The Whole Week (Infact 2 Weeks) Is Dedicated For Various Purpose, Have A Look At The List Below:- 7 Feb Rose Day 8 Feb Propose Day 9 Feb Chocolate Day 10 Feb Teddy Day 11 Feb Promise Day 12 Feb… (0 comment)

Tomorrow is my exam Tomorrow is my exam But I do not care Bcoz a single sheet of the paper cannot decide my future. ######################## Say no to exame It takes fifteen trees to produce the amount of the paper that we use to write 1 exam. join us in the promoting the noble cause… (0 comment)