1st May Day (Labour Day) Youm e Mazdoor 2020 Text Messages, greetings, Quotes & wishes

Today we are sharing the latest Labour Day SMS /1st May Day (Labour Day) Youm e Mazdoor 2020 messages, greetings, quotes & wishes free to send you one facebook Whatsapp or on your social profile to say love with labor workers all over the world.

Labor Day 2020 is celebrated as Labor Day / mazdoor day 2020 in 1st May. The purpose of celebrating this day is to remember the struggles of workers in the world. After the Industrial Revolution in the West, were the iniquities of investors, which also came against estimable ideas. 

1st May Labour Day:Beautiful 1st May Labour Day SMS message Pics

1st May Day / Youm e Mazdoor 2020 Text Messages, greetings, 1st May Quotes & Labour Day wishes

Socialism established trade unions. The plight of workers in industrial centers and factories have been outgrown. ‘ You cannot eliminate us physically but our voice ‘ In the United States , Canada and other countries this commemoration is not celebrated.

Instead the celebrated Labor Day (mazdoor day in Urdu) in a parade held on the first Monday in September New York and organized by the Noble Order of the Knights of Labor ( Knights of Labor , in English).

US President Grover Cleveland hosted the celebration in September for fear that the May date would strengthen the socialist movement in the United States since 1882. So the 1st May Labour Day Dedicated Of Labours for your to make love with the Mazdoor’s. See best Labour Day SMS online. 

Canada joined to commemorate the first Monday of September instead of the first of 01 May from 1894 .

The events that gave rise to this celebration are contextualized at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the United States. From the west and southeast came thousands of unoccupied cattle ranchers each year, creating the first humble villas that housed hundreds of thousands of workers.

In addition, these urban centers welcomed emigrants from all over the world throughout the nineteenth century . Labor Day , which is also known as Workers’ Day or Labor Day, May 1, the world is celebrated . These Happy Workers Labors Day SMS Quotes Wishes Images Whatsapp will make them happy if remind to have love with them. Search here labour day quotes in Urdu and 1st may labour day poetry in Urdu. 

1 मई श्रम दिवस एसएमएस संदेश ग्रीटिंग्स कोट्स हिंदी / उर्दू और अंग्रेजी

International labor movement, anarchists , socialists , and communists backed by Day historically Kelt Spring Festival is also related. The choice of the day Haymarket Events in memory, which happened on May 4, 1886 Second International was during. Chicago ‘s Haymarket Square to protest near workers on May 4, 1886. During the peaceful protest, someone threw a dynamite bomb on the police, in response to which the police fired. Most workers on this day, wherever they work, keep their leave. Labour day history in urdu and labour day poetry in urdu & english.

Indian villagers in the area, most people celebrate this day. Best Latest Labour Day Sms messages online send free world wide. Beautiful International Workers’ Day best collection in Urdu Hindi & English is here for you. See also Labour Day labour day in pakistan with labour day history, Youm-e-Mazdoor labour day date and labour day in india with also the event in the world.

Beautiful 1st May Labour Day SMS message Greetings Quotes Hindi/Urdu & English

We’eee celebrate 1st of May every,
Year not only to commemorate those,
Gave their lifes but with the,
firm belief that the noble cause,
started by our forefathers for,
the welfare of down trodden has,
to be covered without any fear,
and further than we are,
also sailing in the same boat.


Jo Moat Se na Darta Tha’
Bacchon Se Dar Gaya..

Ek Raat Khaali Hath
Jab Mazdoor Ghar Gaya..!

1st May Happy Labour Day..


This very, very happy
May 1st Workers Day..
Relax &  enjoy
Haaaave fun and skylark around
enjoy to your Heart’s contents
on this labour day


Na U Sanga Takkar Na Tyo Takleef Ko Nata

Yo Sara Dunya Sanga Mitrata Ko Nata

Samajhinu Dheerai Imandar Chha Yi Manish

Ek Majdur Ko Mahenat Sanga Ko Nata



Merey humsaye Se koi aa kar ye pooche,

Kia halat hai mere 1k ghar ki,

Jawab mile ga yahi k Main Faaqe kar ke bhi Mazduri kya Krta hoon.

Happy Labour’z Day!






Roshani jis k paseeny se janam laiti hai

Wohi Mazdoor ujale ko Tarasta kiun hain?

Best wishes Greetings for 1st May Labour Day


Is Shehar Mein Mazdoor Jesa Darbadar Koi Nahi

Jisne Sub Kaa Ghar Banyee Uskaa Koi Ghaar Nahi..!!!


Is sheher mein mazdoor jesa dar badar koi nahi

Jis ny sab k ghar banaye uska ghar koi nahi..

Happy Labour Day.


Merey Humsaye Sy Koi Aa Kr Yeh Pooche,

Kia Halat Hain Mery Ek Ghar K,

Jawaab Mile Ga Yehi K Main Faaqe, Kr Ke Bhi Mazdoori Kya Karta Hoon,

Best Happy Worker Day…!!!



Chehra Bata raha tha k Maara hy bhook ny

aur log keh rahe they ke kuch kha ke mar Gya…

Happy labour day



Mazdoor day 2020 Urdu SMS


Peetal ki Baaliy0’n me Beti Biyah (Wedding) di us ne ,,,



Baap kaam karta tha soney (Gold) ki kaan Me..

1st May. Lab0urs Day.



So Jatey Hain Footpath Par Akhbaar Bicha Kar.

Mazdoor Kabhi Neend Ki Goli Nahi Khatay.

Happy 1st May Labour Day.


Yahan Mazdoor ko marnay ki Jaldi youn bhi hai Mohsin!!!

K eZindagi ki kash,makash main Kafan mehnga na ho jaye,

Happy Labour Day (Mazdoor Day 2020)



Workers lai aaj milyo aaram

Band bhayo aaj daily ko kam

Labour day ko awsaar ma

Tada bhagyo sabai thakan


May Day (Labour Day) New SMS Text Messages, greetings, Quotes & Best wishes



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