Best Teacher Appreciation Day Ideas From Student 2024

Latest Best Teacher Appreciation Day Ideas From Student 2024
When is Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day is actually one day that is a part of Teacher Appreciation week. The dates vary every year, but it is always in the beginning of May.

In 2024, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10, and Teacher Appreciation Day is May 7th.

Every year, Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May, and thus, Teacher Appreciation Day is the Tuesday of the first full week in May.

Why Teachers Deserve Teacher Appreciation Week:

Have you ever looked at a school parking lot really early in the morning, like 6 AM on a Monday, or even on a Sunday afternoon at 2 PM You might have seen teachers cars parked there.

Sometimes when I go to my classroom outside of regular school hours, I see other teachers there too. If they are not at school, they are probably at home, working hard on grading papers or planning lessons, even on weekends. Teachers put a lot of effort and love into their jobs. Its a job that feels good to do but can also be really tiring.

Teachers also spend their own money on things for their classrooms. A recent study found that almost all teachers buy supplies for their classrooms with their own money. Most other jobs do not expect you to do that. And the cool perks that some jobs have, like fancy coffee machines or game rooms, are not common for teachers.

In many states, teachers do not get paid a lot. Some start with a salary of just $30,000 a year, which is less than what many people with just a high school diploma make. This low pay can make teachers feel like people do not appreciate teachers.

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Teachers are really good at making everything look easy for students. They decorate classrooms, organize supplies, plan lessons, and grade papers, all while keeping a smile on their faces. They do all of this without complaining or asking for special treatment.

Teachers are like the architects of society. They teach us important things like how to read, how to solve problems, and how to think for ourselves. So, if you are reading this, take a moment to thank a teacher. Its the least we can do to show them we care. Lets have a whole week to celebrate and say thank you to our amazing teachers for all they do.

Say Thanks with Thumbprint Art

Hey everyone  principals, parents, caregivers, and fellow teachers If you want to say a big thank you to your teachers in a special teacher Appreciation Day

, we’ve got a cool idea for you.

How about making a super cute artwork using thumbprints from all the students Here how you can do it:

First, get a printout of the thumbprint art template on strong paper. It has the words Thanks for Lifting Us Up and a picture of someone holding balloons.

Then, get the students involved They can add their thumbprints above the balloon strings. They can use colorful ink pads or paint to make their thumbprints look like balloons.

We will even included a picture of what it could look like when its all done, so you can see how awesome it is

Lets spread happiness and show our teachers how much we appreciate them with this fun and creative art project.

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