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Today we some Happy boxing day sms messages, boxing day cites, boxing day wishes to send to family and companions. There has been such huge numbers of misguided judgments about boxing day. Some trust its daily to box (battling), however boxing an occasion praised the after quite a while. Its saw to be a moment Christmas day in some European nations including Germany, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands and some different Norris nations.

Boxing Day official holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom and all speaking countries in English with the exception of the United States and most of the Commonwealth countries, celebrated on December 26 of Every year after #Christmas , also known as St. Stephen’s Day appeared in @England during the Middle Ages. There is a disparity in the theories about the origin of the label, the most common being that the label came because in the long run churches were putting boxes outside to collect gifts for the needy. Another similar hypothesis is that the label came because the homeowners used to give the servants boxes of cash, gifts and sometimes food to take to their families on #December 26 (the day after Christmas).

Boxing day is praised on each 26th December. A day after happy Christmas the International observed day over the world. Demonstrate some adoration to family, companions, your accomplice and children with this immaculate boxing day messages, boxing day cites, boxing day wishes and some more. The latest and cool collection of Boxing Day text messages Quotes countries where observed. The Boxing Day sms greetings and advice’sby famous boxers.

Latest Boxing Day Messages and Quotes Collection


Boxing is a lot of white men watching two black man beat each other up.

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no /match for me at kick #boxing.

We re the astronaut of boxing. #Joe Louis and Dempsey were just jet @ pilots. I’m in a world of my own………..

Each year, Boxing Day is celebrated across the world on the 26th of December. This is the day next to Christmas and is an official /holiday in mainly the nations where Christianity is the main @religion.

Christmas day has gone and light has fallen on a new day which is the /Boxing Day. Wish you the greatest of happiness and joy. #Happy Boxing Day@………..

Friends come #together and go out to make $purchases on Boxing Day sales for the needy. They make donations and offerings to be given to the poor. /Friends also send cards and best wishes for @Boxing Day to one another and celebrate.

Be happy, be joyous. These are my wishes for you on this /happy occasion. Have a very good boxing day.

Boxing Day is the occasion where one can sit and relax and reflect upon the f/estivities of the previous day. #Hope you have a reason to smile@………..

May this day and others to follow bring light into your life and take away all the darkness. May you enjoy each moment of your life. Have a great /boxing day. Enjoy the holiday………..

Look @around this festive season and see that boxing day is another #opportunity to be grateful for making it all through the day. Have a blissful celebration ahead. #Happy boxing day.#……….

Boxing Day is that day when people are relaxed without any worries. They get a chance to look back at the festive season and be happy. This is also a day between /Christmas and New Year. @So I hope you use this holiday to decide on your new year resolutions

The festivities have extended and landed us all on this Boxing Day. @May you enjoy this occasion to the fullest and have a #great day ahead.



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