Funny Bakra EID UL ADHA SMS Messages Quotes, Wishes Greetings

Latest very Funny Bakra (Eid ul Adha) Eid SMS Messages Quotes, Wishes Greetings in Urdu, Hindi & English online by newsmsfree online. Eid al – Adha falls on 10 Dhu al-Hijjah, where the Muslim world is praising this event everywhere throughout the earth, and keeps running until 13 Dhu al-Hijjah, where the finish of the explorer’s customs before him one day, the most recent days that is the Hajj, where the tallness of these ceremonies on 9 Dhu al-Hijjah , which Pilgrims move to Mount Arafat.

The Muslim world celebrates in solidarity with this remain in that position, and the primary days of the devour, the explorers there in Muna, offering penances to the substance of God. What’s more, with them every competent Muslim in all parts of the earth.

This was called Eid al-Adha, however, the substantial number of penances that yield and offer penances is because of Abraham, who is going to relinquished his child Ismail at the demand of God, who reclaimed Ismail Bakbash, a butcher to the substance of God. Eid al-Adha festivities start with the Eid petition at daybreak on the principal day of the four-day celebration.

This petition is to be performed in a house of prayer outside the mosque, and it is reasonable in mosques. Additionally, in the wake of playing out the supplication, the Muslims spread to give up their penances as per the Qur’anic verse: “We give you the Kawthar. Get here Bakra EID SMS Funny Collection and the latest Funny Bakra Eid Mubarak SMS In Urdu And Hindi-Bakra Eid Sms online.

It is likewise the time of Eid that all Muslims take an interest in the sight of the Eid petition. Trench Um Attiya: The Messenger of Allah requested us to go out in the Mushroom, Adha Al-Awaqat, Hiyadh, and Al-Khadoor. What’s more, portrays us Jabir canister Abdullah Eid petition with the Prophet says: «I saw with the Messenger of Allah supplication upon the arrival of Eid started to ask before the engagement without azan and no remain. At that point, he inclined toward Bilal. He requested the devotion of God.

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He asked his compliance, lecturing and reminding individuals, and after that went ahead until the point that the ladies came and lectured them and reminded them. He stated, “Trust them, the most kindling of Hell.” Then a lady from the ladies’ wards thought of the two cheeks. She stated, “O Messenger of Allaah!” He stated: “In the event that you increment doubt and question the underwear,” he stated: “At that point they will make sure of their jewelery, and they will toss the piece of clothing of Bilal from their ribs and their rings.” Beautiful Funny Bakra Eid ul Azha (Eid ul Adha) Mubarak SMS In Urdu And Hindi-Bakra Eid Sms collection.

Latest Bakra  Eid ul Azha (Eid-ul-Adha) SMS Messages Quotes, Wishes Greetings in Funny  sms Urdu, Hindi & English


Best Eid Mubarak SMS - Funny SMS in Urdu

Eid Tu Unke Hoe Jin Ko Deedar E Yar Naseeb Hoa

Apni Tu Eid Be Guzar Gye Rah E Yaar Dekhte Dekhte



Dher Sari Tarif Aur Khusiya Mile Apko,

But, Jb EIDI Mile Apko To Please

Ap Yaad Krna Sirf Humko




Dher Sari Tarif Aur Khusiya Mile Apko,

But, Jb EIDI Mile Apko To Please….

Ap Yaad Krna Sirf Hmko



Per Tum Ko Bhi Paane Ka Raasta Nahi Milta

Tere Khaloos-E- Mohabbat Pe Atebaar Hai Itna

Siwa Tere Koi Rishta Sacha Nahi Lagta




Bakra Eid Mubarak

May Ur Plate Of Life Be Always Full Of Juicy Kebabs

& Tikkas, Topped With The Chutney Of Happiness.

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Haqiqt Smjo Ya Afsana

Apna Smjo Ya Begana

Hmara Apka Rishta Hy Purana

Islye Frz Tha Apko Btana


Ab Shuru Krdo Ghas Khana…;-)


Eid Khatam

Bakra Hazam

Apni Routine Pay Wapis Ao Janab

Bhuat Kha Lia Dil,Kaleji,Gurday Or Kabab

Apnay Paet Ko Do Ab Kuch Rest

Wish U All The Best



Aik Bakri Ne Bakray Se Kaha

‘I Love You‘
Bakry Ne Kaha..

Kia Faida Ab Tu Eid Aane Wali Hai… ;->



Chand Nikla To Me Logon Se

Lippat Lippat K Roya,

Gham K Aansoo Thy Jo Khushiyon K Bahany Nikly.

Happy Chand Mubarak.



Apne Kia Socha SMS Nai Aayega..

Socha Yeh Dost Aapko Yunhi Bhool Jayega..

Yeh To Adat Hai Hamari Sataney Ki..

Warna Itna Piyara Dost Eid Par Kon

Bhulana Chahay Ga

—Eid Mubarak—



Tumharii Jaan Meri Jaan Tum He Hou

Log Dekhain Eid Kah Chand

Mera Chand Tmhe Hou

Wishing A Very Happy Eid Mubarik.




Dher Sari Tarif Aur Khusiya Mile Aapko,

But, Jab EIDI Mile Aapko To Please

Aap Yaad Karna Sirf Humko



Chand Raat Mubarak Ho.

Is Dua Ke Sath Kay ALLAH TALA

Aapki Zindagi KI

Har Khuahish

Har Tamanna

Har Aarzu

Har Khushi

Har Dua

Puri Karay, AAMEEN !!!

EID Mubarak !!!



Apne Kia Socha SMS Nai Aayega

Socha Yeh Dost Aapko Yunhi Bhool Jayega

Yeh To Adat Hai Hamari Sataney Ki

Warna Itna Piyara Dost Eid Par Kon Bhulana Chahay Ga

Eid Mubarak



Subah Subah Outh K Ho Jao Fresh,

Pahen Lo Aj Sab Se Acha Sa Koi Dress,

Doston Ka Sath Ab Chalo Ghumne,

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Eid Mubarak Karo Sab Ko Jo Aye Samne.



Churi Ko Kar Tu Taiz Itna,

Ke Har Takbeer Se Pehlay
Bakra Churi Se Khud Puchay

Bata Meri Khata Kya Hai

Eid Mubarak



Zindagi Ka Her Pal Khushioun Se Kum Na Ho

Ap Ka Her Din Eid Ke Din Se Kum Na Ho

Aisa Eid Ka Din App Ko Hmesha Naseeb Ho

Eid-Ul-Azha Mubarak



Kash Hum Ek Sms Hotay Bas

Ek Click Me Aap Ke Paas Hotay

Mana K Aap Hamay Delete Kar Letay

Lekin Kuch Dair K Liye

To Hum Aap Ke Paas Hotay Or

Bari Khushi Say Kehtay

Eid Mubarak



Kaisa Hai Ray Tu

Wo Kya Hai Na.

Eid K Din Sala Network Khalas Ho Jata Hai

To Apun Tairay Ko Advance Main,

Eid Mubarak Thokta Hai.



Koi Itna Chahe Tumhe To Batana,

Koi Tumhare Itne Naaz Uthaaye To Batana,

EID MUBARAK To Har Koi Keh Dega Tumse,

Koi Hamari Tarah Kahey To Batana



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