Hajj sms, Hajj Hadess sms 2024

Hajj sms, Hajj Hadess SMS collection 2024, Hajj SMS greeting in English. Hajj is one of Islam’s five pillars, Muslims go to Mecca every year for ten zelhaj.

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His Mother Gave Birth to Him

The Blessings Of Hajj The Prophet (PBUH) Said:

Whoever Performs Hajj for The Sake Of Pleasing

Allah and Therein Utters No Word Of Evil

Nor Commits Any Evil Deed, Shall Return form

It As Free form Sin As The Day On Which

His Mother Gave Birth to Him.


Hajj Sms in english

Our Lord! I Have Settled Some Of My Offspring

In An Uncultivable Valley Near Unto Ur Holy House

Our Lord! That They May Establish Proper Worship

So Fill The Hearts Of Some Among Men With Love Toward Them

and Provide Them With Fruits In Order That

They May B Thankful.


Punjabi went to Hajj

Punjabi Hajj Krne Geya
Wapis Aya To Dost Ne Pocha
Shetan Ko Kitne Pathar Mary
Punjabi Ruzh He Ina C Pathar Marne Da Moka Hi Nai Mile
Galian Changian Kadd K Aya han.


May Allah’s Blessing Light your Way

May Allah’s Blessing Light your Way

Strengthen yor Faith Nd Bring J0y

to your Heart

As you Praise Nd Serve Him T0day

T0m0rr0w and Always

Hajj Mubarik..!!



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