Free happy Birthday sms wishes shayari in Hindi urdu for lover

Today’s new SMS free is with the latest collection of beautiful happy birthday wishes in Urdu Shayari in Hindi Urdu for lover boys and girls that want to say Happy Birthday to someone on their birthday for a fiancé, girlfriend, boyfriend, or some kind of lover. The latest collection of Latest Urdu Birthday SMS PIcs is free for FB status in Urdu and the best Whatsapp is free here. birthday wishes in urdu - Happy birthday sms in urdu

Best ever big Hindi and Urdu Birthday SMS Messages Poetry Shayari free stuff online for Facebook and WhatsApp online. “Joyful Holiday” Happy Birthday to You, otherwise called the “Upbeat Birthday”, is a conventional melody sung to commend the commemoration of the introduction of a man.

In 1998, as per the Guinness Book of World Records, “Happy Holiday” is the tune most popular in English, taken after by “in light of the fact that he is a decent chipper individual” For He, ‘s a Jolly Good Fellow and laud goodbye Auld Lang Syne verses converted into 18 dialects in any event.

Patty Hill, a childcare chief in Louisville, Kentucky was around then creating distinctive techniques for instructing in a territory that is presently called Little Lvmhavs (en) was known, her sister Mildred was a piano player and author, sisters Mildred immediately found that little youngsters and old society tune “Great morning to all” can without much of a stretch read, a blend of song and verses on your birthday wishes in Urdu initially showed up in print in 1912 and is likely even before from that point it. Get the best of Birthday SMS, Free birthday poetry in Urdu Messages here.

Send Happy Birthday Text SMS Funny Message Status in Urdu, Hindi & English

Happy Birthday Wishes in Urdu and English: The Best of Both Worlds

Bilingual birthday wishes can be especially meaningful. Offering your wishes in both Urdu and English can showcase the richness of your emotions. For instance, a simple “Happy Birthday, my love” can be enhanced by adding “Salgirah Mubarak, meri mohabbat.” This blend ensures you capture the essence and nuances of your feelings more expressively.

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Birthday SMS in Urdu for Your Lover: Texting with a Heart

In this digital age, SMS is a quick and convenient way to let your love know you’re thinking of them. “Salgirah Mubarak ho, tumhari zindagi khushiyon se bhari ho” is a lovely birthday SMS in Urdu that will surely warm their heart. Remember, a heartfelt text can sometimes mean more than a gift.

Birthday Wishes for Love in Urdu: The Language of the Heart

Urdu, with its poetic undertones, is a beautiful language to convey love. A poetic verse or a simple “Tum jiyo hazaaron saal, saal ke din hon pachaas hazaar,” can touch your beloved’s soul in a way that no material gift can. So, don’t hold back; let your words flow like a river of love.

Happy Birthday Wishes SMS Urdu: Quick Yet Significant

If you’re short on time but don’t want to miss out on sending wishes, opt for a birthday wishes SMS in Urdu. Something like “Salgirah ki dheron khushiyan ho aap ke saath” captures the essence and is perfect for a quick text or social media post.

Happy Birthday, My Love: Wishes That Speak

The phrase “Happy Birthday, my love” may sound simple, but it holds a universe of emotions. In Urdu, you can amplify this by saying, “Salgirah Mubarak ho, meri duniya.” It’s a clear yet powerful way of showing your love and making them feel like the center of your universe.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Urdu Text

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to the heart. Just a text saying “Salgirah Mubarak” can make their day special. No frills, no complications—just pure, unadulterated love expressed in your native tongue.

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Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend in Urdu

If you’re sending birthday wishes to your girlfriend, make her feel like royalty. A simple “Salgirah Mubarak, meri malika” can make her day unforgettable.

Tu Jiye Hazaro Saal Yehi Hai Meri Aarzoo

Barr Barr Yeh Dinn Ayye,

Barr Barr Yeh Dil Gyye,

Tu Jiye Hazaro Saal,

Yehi Hai Meri Aarzoo,

Happy Birthday 2 U..!!!


Raat Ke 12 Baje Darwaje Kholne Ki Awaz Aayi

Raat Ke 12 Baje Darwaje Kholne Ki Awaz Aayi

Darwzy K Aandr

Kuch Log Ghusy.

Phir 1 Larki Candly Leiti Hovi Ayi:

“Koi Hy Aandr

Kon Hy Yahan

Achank Sy Kuch Phatny Ka Sound Hua

Room Main Ujaala Hogiya Or

Achank Log 1 Saath Bolny Lagy

“Happy Birthday 2 You,

Happy Birthday 2 You,

Happy Birthday Dear Friend Happy Birthday 2 You”..


New Happy Birthday Dear Friend

It Must Have Been A Rainy Day

When You Were Born,

But It Wasn’t Really Rain,

The Sky Was Crying Because

It Lost His Most Beautiful Angel…

Happy Birthday Dear Friend


Beautiful Picture Birthday Sms 2024


*| Appy¤


* Birth*



¤\\ //*.¤

*\, / Ou

/ /


My Sweet Dear Friend.




(Picture Birthday Sms)


They Say That You Can (Happiest Birthday for Lover)

They Say That You Can Count Your True Friend On One Hand,

But Not The Candles On Your Birthday Cake*………

Happy Birthday To You My Dear*!!!!!!……..


Aap Ko Kya Laga Aap Nahi Bataoge (Birthday Text Messages)

Happy Birthday 2 U Dear!

Aap Ko Kya Laga Aap Nahi Bataoge To

Hamein Paata Nhi Lagy Ga



“International Monkey Day” Hy

Naughty Ab Thanx Boool Kr Shrminda Maat Krna…;-P



Aasman Ki Bulandiyon Par Naam Ho Apka

Aasman Ki Bulandiyon Par Naam Ho Apka

Chand Ki Drti Pr Makaam Ho Apka

Hum Toh Rehty Hain Chooti C Dunya Mein

Pr Kuda Kary Saare Jahaan Ho Apka

Happy Birthday My Dear Friend


Khushiyan De Aapko Ye Naya Aane Wala Kal

Tamanaoun Sy Bhaari Ho Apki Zindgi

Khwahishoun Sy Bhara Hr Paal

Damaan Bhi Choota Lagy

Itni Khushiyan De Aapko Ye Naya Aane Wala Kal..!!!


Meri Taraf Se Apko Happy Birthday SMS Status Free

Meri Taraf Se Apko Happy Birthday

Apki Salgirah Pr Dua Hy Keh

Apki Zindgi Main Bahot Sari Kushiyan Ayein

Or Dua Krta Hoon Keh Apki Sari Tamana Poori Ho..!!!

Happy Birthday


Phoolon Se Saji Ho Har Raah Tumhari

Muskurati Rahe Yeh Zindgi Tmhari

Yeh Dua Hy Hr Paal Khuda Sy Humari

Phoolon Se Saji Ho Har Raah Tumhari

Jiss Sy Mehky Hr Subah Or Shaam Tmhri..!!!

~~~Happy Birthday~~~~


Bin Ap K Na Jee Payen Gy Hum

Bin Ap K Na Jee Payen Gy Hum

Apki Parchai Ban Ke Zindgi Bitayen Gy Hum

Door Jaane Ki Hum Se Sochna Bhi Mat

App Ke Itna Sochne Se He Mar Jayen Ge Hum


Tumhari Salgirah Par Tumhare Pass (Urdu Birthday SMS Messages)

Ajeeeb Saniha Guzra Hy Mujh Py Aj Ki Shaam

Main Aj Sham Tumhry Hijr Main Udas Na Thha

Ab 1 Saal Toh Yeh 1 Gham Hi Kafi Hy

Tumhari Salgirah Par Tumhare Pass Na Tha..!!!


This Day Only Comes Along Once Again a Year,

So I Hope It Is Allright To Take

Advantage Of The Opportunity

And Give You My “Unexpected Hug”.

“Happy Birthday”!


Wishing You 12 Months Of Happiness

52 Weeks Of Fun

365 Days Of Laughter

8760 Hours Of Good Luck

525600 Minutes Of Joy

31536000 Seconds Of Success.

Happy Birthday!

Best birthday wishes urdu 2024 for Girlfriends and Boyfriends.


It’s Another Happy Birthday For You.

God Picked Another Petals On Your Flower,

Wishing Your Flowers May Bloom For Year.

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day


The Years Betweeeen 50 And 70

Are The Hardest.

You Are Always Being Asked To Do Things,

And Yet You Are Not

Decrepit Enough

To Turn Them Down.


Load Of Fun (Happy Birthday SMS Lines)

On Your Birthday Today

I Wish You You A Year With Loads Of Fun,

Excitement And Beautiful Memories

!! Happy Birthday !!


Grow Up (New Happy Birthday SMS)

Before The Clock Strikes 12,

Let Me Take The Opportunity,

To Let You Know That You,

Have Grown A Year More…

Happy Birthday


Best Happy Birthday cake Pictures SMS









I Am Sendinng You This Lovely Birthday Cake (کیک) With Candles,


New birthday sms in urdu for lover






I Am Sending You A Cake And

Candles On It, Just For Your


Have A Wonderful Birthday

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Funny SMS Text Messages 2024




O Nai Nai

Me Chor Nai Hun

Me To


Kisi Khas


%Ous Ka Sb Se Khas Din Wish Krne Aya Hn %

Happy Birthday 2 U.


Suraj (Sun) Roshni Le Kar Aaya,

Aur Chidyon Ne Gaanaa Gaaya,


Phoolon Ne Hans Hans Kar Bola,

Mubarak Ho Tumhaara Janam Din Aaya.

Happy Birth Day


Motiya’ Bela’ Phool’ Kalyan

Dekho Yaaro Shaad Hen Na..

Aaj Tumhari Saalgirah Hai

Dekho Hum Ko Yaad Hai Na..

Jalti Shamen’ Roshan Chehray

Kaamni Laryan’ Nazuk Sehray

Nargis’ Bela’ Motiya’ Lala

Joohi’ Champa’ Or Banafsha

Her Koi Yaaro Shaad Hen Na..

Aaj Tumhari Saalgirah Hai

Dekho Hum Ko Yaad Hai Na..

Hum To Sirf Dua Go Log

Khaak O Mehar Ka Kya Sanjog

Paas Rahen Ya Door Rahein

Wehshat Se Ranjour Rahein

Mehfil To Aabad Hai Na..

Aaj Tumhari Saalgirah Hai

Dekho Hum Ko Yaad Hai Na..


Khuda Kery K Naya Saal

Tere Daman Me

Wo Saray Phool Khila De

K Jin Ki Khushboo Ny

Tere Khayal Me

Shammen Jalaye Rakhi Hen..!

Happy Birth Day


Wish You A Many … Many …. Happy Returns Of The Day

Wish You A Many … Many …. Happy Returns Of The Day May God Bless You wid Health, Wealth And Prosperity In Your…


By sending these beautiful Birthday Sms Messages and Birthday Sms Quotes, Wishes greeting in any friend for their birthday can pick their attention that you are remembering them in you busy life. The simple solution is that you can copy any birthday sms in urdu text sms and paste in the status line of Facebook whatsapp or any social profile and that’s is.


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