New Husband & Wife Sms and jokes

Husband & Wife sms
Husband & Wife Sms

Wife: yesterday-night I saw a dream
That you were sending me
Jewelery and clothes!
Husband: yeah, I saw
your dad paying the bill !!


Three Movies Tickets

Husband: Today is sunday &
I have to enjoy it.

So i bought 3 movie tickets.

Wife: Why three?

Husband: 1 For U and 2 for your parents.


Husband at the bank

Wife called her husband
Wife: jess where are you?
Husband: I’m at the bank.
Wife: dear, please I need 3000 rupees to activate my blackberry,
5000 to do my hair and
10,000 to buy a dress.
Husband: sorry, I meant I was at the “bank” of a river.
Do you want fish to cook?



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