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Give Me Your Shoulder To Cry On

You Know I Love You Dearly

But I Cause You So Much Pain

I Cannot Find True Happiness

And You Feel You Are To Blame

It Seems So Unjust

For Me To Make You Feel This Way

It’s So Hard To Decide

Whether I Should Leave Or Stay

Staying Is Not Wise

As Faking Happiness Is Exhausting

Leaving Is A Bit Worse

For Your Heart break I Would Be Causing

So Show Me What To Do

Help Me To Be Strong

Lend A Helping Hand

Give Me Your Shoulder To Cry On.


Wanted to Live

The Only Reason I Wanted To Live
Was To See Your Face And The Joy
You’d Give So Proud And Happy All Of
The Time
You Never Would Commit A Crime
But Then One Day You Up And Went
Now My Emotions Are Completely Bent
I Miss You Now And Am In Pain
Just Like The Desert Misses
The Rain
And Just Like The Desert, My Heart Is Dry
It’s So Bad Now I Can’t Even Cry
I Think Of You All Night And Day
Our Hearts Connected In A Special Way
Our Love Was Special And That Is True
That’s Why I Can’t Let Go Of You….


When you feel alone

I Will Stay
Whenever You Feel Alone.
When There Is Something Wrong,
We Will Make It Right.

I Will Be There,
Whenever You Need Me.
When You Have A Problem,
Together We’ll Solve It.

I Will Understand,
Whenever You Get Mad.
If You Can’t Forgive Me,
I Will Just Wait For Your Forgiveness.

I Will Come With You,
Whenever You Want To Go.
If You Need Someone To Be With,
I Will Go With You.

I Will Be Your Armor,
Whenever You Get Hurt.
If You Feel That Your Down,
I Will Never Let You Fall.



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