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Puzzle sms picChallenge for you

A boy, a girl was Tight every day.

Frustrated girl that one day she will

tell you my name yesterday And the

Next day to tell him that I told you is

What I will get married to you.

The next day the girl tells the boy to

Come and marry you if you gave me

The flowers close My love story.

Now you tell me what that is name.

The name is in the message.

Challenge for you.


Puzzle sms with Ans

During a family meeting; the following peoples were present:

Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Cousin, and Nephew. But, only four peoples were present.

How is this possible?







The meeting was a group of a Brother (with his Son or Daughter) & a Sister (with her Daughter or Son).


Life is very Simple










Think,Before Scrolling Down




Answer Is 1

See the First Line..

Moral : Life Is Very Simple.


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