Relationship sms collection, Close Relation sms

Relationsip sms, Close Relation sms, Now, the couple relationship is so difficult to keep as much water out of the water with the water writing.

Relationship sms picWrite WATER with WATER on WATER

To create a relation is as simple as
to write SAND with SAND on SAND….
while to maintain a relation is as
difficult as to write WATER with WATER on WATER..


A hard fact of life

Water Relation very build up in this world.

The only thing that remains at last is the

Loneliness with lots and lots of Memories..


Do not break any close relation

Two simple lines- smile emoticon
Don’t make any close relation without full
Don’t break any close relation with small


Our relation continues forever

My sweetest memory – your sms!

My biggest sadness – The distance!

My biggest hope – i will see you soon!

My strongest prayer – our relation continues forever.



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