Rude sms, Best Funny Rude birthday messages

Rude SMS – Find 2024 largest collection of Rude SMS messages at submitted by user, express your feeling with all the new Rude SMS text messages in english of 2024. Rude sms for her and free sorry SMS for rude behavior in Urdu Hindi.

Rude birthday messages and largest collection of rude happy birthday messages. New funny rude birthday messages 2024 by newsmsfree online.

Rude text messages for He & Her

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I Want U happiness

Boy: I Love U
Girl: But I Love Someone Else,
Boy: Okay, No Problem,
Ur happiness Is More
Important For Me Than Ur Love. . .



Dialogue good where there was nothing to be said .


If you think only of yourself

If you think only of yourself,

If you forget the rights & well-being of

Others, or, worse still, if you exploit

Others, ultimately you will lose.


You will have one who will show

Concern for your well-being.


Rudeness is the weak

Rudeness is the weak and Impotent
persons imitation of strength.


The power of good intentions

If you follow the luck without any planning

You can’t achieve it

But, If your work with strong intention

The luck will follow you.

This is a real truth and tested by great people.


Latest Rude text messages to send your boyfriend

When someone is rude, Keep a grin on your face.

When you stick to the high road & maintain your joy,

you are taking away their power.


Rude, Selfish acts burden

Selfish functions cloud and burden the soul.

Selfless solution enlivens and illuminates the soul.

When I get the ability i shall serve selflessly.


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