Shab-e-Barat SMS Islamic Wishes Greetings And Quotes Collection

Shabe e barat is coming this week for all the Muslims who’s current and future life or death will be decided. The shabe e barat day is the most important day in the Islamic Calendar. This day always a joy to send and experience congratulates in regards of shabe e barat, so all of us have rolled up a nice list of shabe e barat Quotes Hadis SMS Text messages in roman Hindi Urdu & English for all you.

Cannonball along at present, and be the one of us to send beautiful shabe e barat sms Greetings to your Muslims friend, fellowship, near and dear ones you know best.

The Islamic Shab E Barat Prayers, Hadith (Hadees) Ibadat And Fazeelat Or urdu Nawafil Dua everything will be here, Shaban month has its own importance in the heart of every Muslims as this is the month of exceptional blessings and showering of Love.

New Shab-e-barat sms messages, greetings, quotes & wishes for Muslims Shaban is the Islamic Holly Month which has Virtue, particularly So we ought to supplicate from our Allah greatest in this Holly Month Because it is extremely thanksgiving day. Shab E Barat fifteenth night of the Month Of Shaban. Furthermore, Shaban precedes Ramazan. In the Ramazan, we Fasting in light of the fact that Ramazan Fasting is Compulsory and furthermore many Peoples Fasting in the Month Of Shaban yet Shaban Fasting is not mandatory its for our own particular reward.

This month has extraordinary significance as Shaban happens between the two most imperative month which is Rajab and Ramadan. Here underneath we Provided the Dua And petitions and Here is additionally most recent Shab e Barat SMS, Messages, Wishes And Quotes accessible So you can download effortlessly from here Below. So find beautiful Shab-e-Barat SMS Islamic Wishes Greetings And Quotes Collection here to share on Facebook and WhatsApp. Shab e-Barat in Pakistan Pictures in Urdu with SMS

Latest Shab-e-Barat SMS Islamic Wishes Greetings And Quotes for Muslims


This beautiful night is a gift of Allah Azzawajal, so open your arm’s and
Teceive this night and say thanks to Almighty Allah through your hearted prayers


Your life is too >> short so take this chance  and opportunity,
Recite the Quran and Namaz and Thanks to Allah…


Allah pak plan  about our future in SHAB E BARAT
night like about our life and death in coming times of the year…



Qabuliyat Ki Ap Pe Barsat Ho,

Khushiyon Se Apki Mulaqat Ho.

Koi Khuwahish Na Rahe Baaqi,

Aisa Mubarak Ye Shaban Ka Chand Ho

Shaban Mubarak


1″””5 Shaban Qareb Hai”””

Allah ar Gunah Ko Ma’afi Mangne Par Muaf Farmata Hay Siwaye Huqooq-Ul-Ibad Ke Woh Allah Tab Tak Muaf Nahi Karta Jab Tak Insan Khud Us Shakhas Se Muafi Na Mang le Jis ki Geebat ya Chugli Ki Hai Aur Yeh aik Asa Gunah Hai Jiski Waja Se Log Cut Cut Kar Jahanumm Me Phainke Jayein ge

Please Mujhe Muaf Kar Dena Agr Mene Aap ki Koi Geebat ya Chugli Ki Ho Ya Kabhi Ap Ka Dil Dukhaya Ho..

Allah Ta’ala Sab ko Apni Affiat Mein Rakhe Ameen.

Mene Bhi Apko Muwaf Kia Plz Ap Bhi Muje Muaf Karden


Shab e baraat is a night Allah Ta’ala written coming year
about our future life and death…



I Request To Remember Me In Your all Special Prayers

/’\          ( *           /||||  _.-‘-._  _.-‘-._ ||||


I Apology For My all Mistakes If I Have Ever Hurt You in any case in any time,

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Misbehaved Or Heartened Your Feelings

I Apology For My Mistakes | Happy Wishing for SHAB-E-BARAT


Rahmaton ki hai ye Raat,
Namazon ka rakhna saath,
Manwa laina rab say her bat,
Duaon main rakhna yaad,
Mubarak ho aap ko,’

Best Shab-e-Barat SMS 2024


New  Shab e barat Mubarak SMS

Ajeeb hote hain aadab-e-Rukhsat-e-Mehfil

Uth ke woh bhi Gaya jis ka koi ghar na thaa

!! Shab-e-Barat Mubarak !!



Shab-e-Barat Is To Be Arrived Soon
Our Future Of Life Or Death Will Be composed That Night
I Openly Apologize To All Of Youuuuu
If Ever I Have Hearted You Directly Or Indirectly
Pleas Forgive Me all mistake I ever made
Remember Me In Ur Pray!
God Bless You All’

Happy Shab-e-Baraat to all Muslims


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