Weekend sms collection

Weekend sms, Latest Weekend sms collection. The rest of the weekend. Man office over the weekend, even if you are home for the rest.

Weekend sms pic
Suggestion – enjoy weekend

1 Advice-Don’t change,

1 request-take care,

1 wish-Don’t forget me,

1 Lie-I hate you,

1 truth-I Miss you,

1 suggestion – enjoy weekend

have a Joyful weekend


The weekend is upon us

The weekend is upon us,

and I think we should all take time

to do the things we love and be

around our most cherished family and friends!

Happy Weekend day


Change Does Not Happen

Change Does Not Happen

When Circumstances


Change HAPPENS When

YOU DECIDE 2 Improve

Your Circumstances.!.

Have a Nice Day

and a Happy Weekend.


Meaning of Weekend

W: Work-free

E: Entertaining

E: Enchanting and

K: Keenly awaited

E: Exuberant and

N: Nice

D: Days!……………best weekend sms



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