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Cricket, an unpredictable and thrilling sport, often serves as a great source of humor. In countries like Pakistan, where cricket is followed passionately, the blend of cricket and humor makes for some hilarious moments. Let’s read all light-hearted, humorous take on cricket, styled as an SMS message by a Pakistani blogger, which seamlessly integrates your requested keywords for better SEO ranking.

Ah, cricket. It’s not just a sport but a source of endless entertainment and laughter, especially when it comes to “Funny cricket joke SMS in Urdu.” Imagine receiving a text that says, “Our team’s batting is more mysterious than a suspense novel. Even Sherlock Holmes would be puzzled. 😂”

And for those who prefer English, there’s no shortage of “Funny cricket joke SMS in English.” Like this one: “Why did the cricket team visit the bakery? They heard the baker was a great ‘batter’. But alas, they returned with cupcakes that surprisingly scored more than our middle order. 🏏😆”

Let uss not forget our friends who adore “Funny cricket joke SMS in Hindi.” How about this gem: “Humari cricket team ka hal toh ‘light bulb’ jaisa hai, kabhi on, kabhi off. Sach mei, inka game dekh kar toh bulb ki yaad aati hai. 💡🤣”

In this era of social media, “Funny cricket memes” are a staple for every cricket enthusiast. They capture the essence of our teams unpredictable journey – from heroic wins to face-palm moments. Each meme is a story of triumph, despair, and laughter.

“Cricket funny SMS” and “Funny cricket messages” have become a way for fans to share their joys and frustrations. It’s like a virtual stadium where everyone shares jokes and quips about the latest match.

For our Urdu speaking fans, there is nothing like a “Cricket team message in Urdu” to bring a smile. It might go something like, “Humari team ki batting dekh kar toh lagta hai, har player soch raha hai ‘aaj meri baari hai kamaal dikhane ki’… lekin alas, kamaal hota hi nahi. 🏏😂”

In Pakistan, cricket is more than a game; it is a cultural phenomenon that unites us in laughter and sometimes in collective sighs. Our love for cricket and our team is unwavering, no matter how unpredictable their performance might be.

So, here is to cricket – a sport that brings us thrills, spills, and a wealth of funny moments for all fans especially in Pakistan and India. Whether it’s through SMS, memes, or messages, let us continue to enjoy and celebrate the lighter side of cricket.


Some coffee sir?

Pakistani players going back …
on the flight to Pakistan…
Air Hostess: Some coffee Sir???

Pakistani Player: Yes

Air Hostess: Mocha or Latte???
Pakistani Player: Espresso Hi De Do…

Mauka Haath Sey Nikal Geya ..
Aur Lattey
Pakistan Mein KhayengeY.

China cricket kyu nhi khelta??
Kyu k
Technical problem hai
Sab k face 1 jaise hote hai
jo out ho jaye
woh muh dho k phir se a sakta hai.

A teacher told all students in a class room
“Write an essay on a Cricket match”
All were busy writing except one boy.

Who was the 1st indian cricketer
to Become captain in his 1st match,
score century in the same match &
hit a 6 of the last ball 2 defeat
Nai pata?
Mai batau??


circket sms


2 pagal cricket match dekh rahe the,,
Virat ne six mara
Pehla pagal: “wah kya goal kiya hai,,
Dusra: “Bewakoof Goal is me nahi cricket me hota hai



APPEAL – What is left in the fruit bowl after the lunch break?

BAIL – What a batsman does immediately after getting out cheaply.

BLOCK HOLE – Cuwhite with a strong Indian curry.

BOWL – Where APPEAL is kept.

BYE – Azharuddin’s last words.

CENTURY – Average length of a Dravid innings.

DELIVER – Italian body organ.

DOUBLE CENTURY – Back-to-back Dravid innings.

LEG BREAK – Incentive for Indian batsmen if they cross bookies.

LEG BYE – Result of a particularly bad LEG BREAK.

LEG CUTTER – Utensil used in LEG BYE.

LEG STUMP – What`s left after a LEG BYE.

MISFIELD – Daughter of Mr Field.

NIGHT-WATCHMAN – Swiss timekeeper on late shift.

NON-STRIKER – Pacifist Indian batsman scoring a duck.

NOT OUT – A quiet nite at home.

PLAY SAFE – Wear a condom while fielding.

RETIRE HURT – see Azharuddin.

RUN BETWEEN THE WICKETS – The result of an Indian curry.

SILLY POINT – Sunil Gavaskar’s commentary.


Limit Of Smartness: In A Cricket Match,
1 Beautiful Girl Made Indian Flag On Her Cheeks.
A Smart Boy Came And Kissed Her Cheeks & Said,
“I Love My India!”


Pathan: Yaar Saddar Bazaar Konsi Bus Jati haiT?
Admi: 22 number bus jati hai
2 ghantay guzarnay ke baad wo aadmi wapes aaya tu daikha ke Pathan Udhar hi Khara tha
Admi ne Pocha: Khan SahabTum abhi takgaye nahe???
Pathan: Han Yaar 19 Bus tu chalay gaye ab sarf 3 owr bus jayen tu 22wain bus ajayegi, phr chala jawongaa

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